THE POWER OF THE BREATH: finding synchronicity in life.

Finding the Middle Path

I have never felt so grounded and so sure, especially in these times of great uncertainty. Over the last couple of days, I have begun to feel more steady with my feet on the ground and I can begin to see a clear running path. I feel like I have been running on a path in the right direction, but could not always see what was up ahead — creating some doubt and trepidation. Today, the fog along the trail has begun to lift. I can now see into the distance. It is flat, straight, and endlessly heading into the horizon. Direction… Something I’ve not felt in a very long time.

As I take a breath — breathe, I realize the hard work, the blind faith, and the grace and gratitude it took to get here. At the same time, I see the word patience. I then see these two attached constructs — having the patience to re-member all that I am and having the patience to allow the universe to unfold the path up ahead. As I look down this path towards the horizon, I can see a well traveled dirt path — solid and clearly marked. On one side of the path is the word, ‘re-membering’ and on the other side is ‘unfolding’. For me, it feels like a breath. When I breathe in — I remember — I expand my power. When I breathe out — the universe unfolds and expands — building my experience based on more of me re-membering who “I am”. This synchronicity — this tandem action creates a steadiness that allows me to live with a greater knowingness and confidence about today and tomorrow. I am wondering if this is what it means to “be” on the middle path — a daily journey of ease, grace, abundance, and great joy.



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