Why I Started Humangood

Watch the video to learn how I discovered the magic that lies beyond the borders of Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking.

Throughout my career, I have felt like something was missing from the innovation and design process. I felt as if there was some sort of governor limiting the ability to take risks, make giant leaps, and foster buy-in, support, and adoption that is critical for success.

After working with design thinking and human-centered design for over 10-years, I discovered a golden opportunity that can dramatically improve innovation outcomes while igniting the entrepreneurial spark and creating a more co-creative culture.

This discovery is what every organization seeks and spends millions trying to achieve with limited results — authentic greatness, wisdom, trust, connection, and co-creative culture. Let me share what I have learned and how I can help you and your organization to be even more successful in your endeavors.

Watch the video — listen to my story and let me explain.



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A CURIOUS PATE — exploring the bigness of life, experiencing the self-permission and freedom to invent, and inspiring others to do the same. www.dohumangood.com